The 9 days you spend here will be busy ones. Only those that apply themselves will receive the full benefit of this training. We have on our staff the finest auctioneers, outstanding job for the students who want to make a success of themselves. We cover all fields of the auction profession. You have many opportunities to be on your feet selling, as well as classroom work. Your capacity for earning goes hand in hand with your learning and training. Our tuition is based on what we can do for you in a concentrated training period with some of the world's best auctioneers. Our graduates, since 1962, are living proof of our quality training program. Remember, your tuition can come back to you on your first good auction.

You will receive America's finest training at "America's Top Quality Auction School." All instructors are carefully selected. Our facilities were specially designed and built for the finest in auction school training. You will be taught the successful, modern methods of auctioneering and how to conduct auctions by professionals that are doing it now and are ready to share their expertise with you.

Today, while this information is in front of you, print the enrollment application and get ready to attend the term that suits your schedule.

Mendenhall training works. That's why hundreds of auctions of all types are conducted everyday throughout the nation by Mendenhall graduates. Start getting YOUR share of the booming auction business!

Learn more . . . Earn more! That's right. The more you learn, the more you will earn. At Mendenhall, you will have an opportunity to receive instruction from the "Best" in America. The decision is yours. Remember, there is no substitute for good, quality education and training. This is your opportunity.  Don't miss out on it!

East Coast, West Coast, Border to Border and beyond, Mendenhall graduates are covering the map.


Personality has a lot to do with the auction business. A pleasant chant, a natural sense of salesmanship and a knowledge of merchandise are key factors, as well as the ability to handle a crowd. A good auctioneer knows what people like. He creates a desire, establishes a price and closes a deal in a matter of minutes, or even seconds. All that chatter is for a reason ... it sets a mood and tempo which expedite sales transactions. An otherwise lengthy business ordeal is handled efficiently and with an air of excitement. Remember, people often buy things at the spur of the moment, especially things they never intended to buy. That's how an auctioneer makes an auction go. The Auctioneer is an expert! 

Of course you can!

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